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Hook name canPropertyTax(Player ply, number tax)
Called right before a player's property is taxed. This hook differs from onPropertyTax in that onPropertyTax is called AFTER the taxing. With this hook, one can influence the taxing process.
Returns: boolean shouldTax, number taxOverride
Realm: NewerServer.png
BBCode Link: [b][url=http://wiki.darkrp.com/index.php?title=Hooks/Server/canPropertyTax]canPropertyTax hook[/url][/b]


  1. ply (Player)
  2. The player whose property will be taxed.

  3. tax (number)
  4. The amount of money that will be taxed (unless overridden by this hook).

Return values

  1. shouldTax (boolean)
  2. Return false here to prevent the doors from being taxed.

  3. taxOverride (number)
  4. Override the tax amount.