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Add a tab to the F4 menu

DescriptionAdd your own tab to the F4 menu
local function createMyTab()
	local tab = vgui.Create("whatever...")
	-- Create the your tab here or something
	return tab

hook.Add("F4MenuTabs", "addTab", function()
	-- Add the tab to F4 (will be added as the last tab)
	-- DarkRP.addF4MenuTab("NAME OF TAB HERE", vguiControlOfTab) returns the tab number of the added tab
	local tabNr = DarkRP.addF4MenuTab("My Custom Tab", createMyTab())

	-- If you want it to move the tab to be before another, use this
	-- DarkRP.switchTabOrder(TabNumberOfTabYouWantToMove, TabNumberOfDestination)
	DarkRP.switchTabOrder(tabNr, 4)
OutputYour tab is added to the F4 menu

Remove a tab from F4

DescriptionRemoves tab number 4
hook.Add("F4MenuTabs", "removeTab", function()
	-- the HUD tab is the fourth one
	-- DarkRP.removeF4MenuTab(TabNumber)
OutputTab #4 is gone.