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Custom shipment fields

You can create custom shipments in DarkRP. However, there are many things to fiddle with. This page explains every single "field".

Example with all fields

Here's an example with all available fields filled in:

DarkRP.createShipment("Example shipment", {
	model = "models/weapons/w_pist_fiveseven.mdl", -- The model of the item that hovers above the shipment
	entity = "weapon_fiveseven2", -- the entity that comes out of the shipment
	price = 100, -- the price of one shipment
	amount = 10, -- how many of the item go in one purchased shipment
	separate = true, -- whether the item is sold separately (usually used for guns)
	pricesep = 100, -- the price of a separately sold item
	noship = false, -- whether this item has a shipment
	allowed = {TEAM_GUN, TEAM_MEDIC}, -- OPTIONAL, which teams are allowed to buy this shipment/separate gun
	shipmodel = "models/items/item_item_crate.mdl", -- OPTIONAL, the model of the shipment (this crate is the default)
	customCheck = function(ply) return ply:Frags() < 10 end, -- OPTIONAL, extra conditions before people can purchase the shipment or separate item
        CustomCheckFailMsg = function(ply, shipment) return ply:Frags() >= 10 and "You killed too many people" end, -- Can be a simple string as well
	weight = 15, -- OPTIONAL, the weight of the shipment. The default is the weight of the shipment 
        spareammo = 10, -- OPTIONAL, Add ammo to the default amount of ammo for every weapon
        clip1 = 10, -- OPTIONAL, The amount of bullets in the primary clip by default
        clip2 = 10, -- OPTIONAL, The amount of bullets in the secondary clip by default
        buttonColor = Color(255, 255, 255, 255), -- Optional: The color of the button in the F4 menu,
        label = "Super pistol", -- Optional: the text on the button in the F4 menu
        category = "Other", -- The name of the category it is in. Note: the category must be created!
        sortOrder = 100, -- The position of this thing in its category. Lower number means higher up.

	-- Advanced, optional
	shipmentClass = "spawned_shipment", -- The classname of the shipment entity. Use this if you have made a different shipment entity
	onBought = function(ply, shipment, ent) end, -- function that is called when the shipment is bought
	getPrice = function(ply, price) return ply:GetNWString("usergroup") == "donator" and price * 0.9 or price end, -- function to decide what the price is based on the player


If you set shipmentClass to something other than the default, make sure the shipment entity has implemented the function SetContents(ShipmentID, Count).