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Function name DarkRP.createQuestion(string question, string quesid, Player target, number delay, function callback, Player fromPly, Player toPly, any ...)
Ask someone a question.
Returns: nil
Part of Library: DarkRP
Realm: NewerServer.png
BBCode Link: [b][url=]DarkRP.createQuestion[/url][/b]

Function parameters

  1. question (string)
  2. The question to ask.

  3. quesid (string)
  4. A unique question id.

  5. target (Player)
  6. Who to ask the question.

  7. delay (number)
  8. For how long the player will be able to answer.

  9. callback (function)
  10. The function that gets called after the question.

  11. fromPly (Player) (optional)
  12. The player who asked the question.

  13. toPly (Player) (optional)
  14. A third involved player.

  15. ... (any) (optional)
  16. Any other information.

Function return values

This function does not return any value.