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Function name DarkRP.storeSalary(Player ply, number amount)
Internal and deprecated function. Used to store a player's salary in the database.
Error.png Warning:

This function is deprecated. You should avoid using it as it only exists for backwards compatibility and may be removed from a future version.
Use the ply:setSelfDarkRPVar("salary", value) function instead.

Returns: number amount
Part of Library: DarkRP
Realm: NewerServer.png
BBCode Link: [b][url=]DarkRP.storeSalary[/url][/b]

Function parameters

  1. ply (Player)
  2. The player.

  3. amount (number)
  4. The new contents of the player's wallet.

Function return values

  1. amount (number)
  2. The new contents of the player's wallet.