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Good news! DarkRP is now on the workshop!
Check it out!

Information.png DarkRP Help
Help with things DarkRP related.
GitHub-Mark-64px.png GitHub Page
The official GitHub page for DarkRP.
GitHub-Mark-64px.png Bug report
Reporting a bug.
Maps.png Maps
What maps are available for this mod
Valve Hammer Icon.png Making A Map
How can I make a map for this mod?

Lua Scripting

G Blue.png Functions
Functions available in DarkRP
G Blue.png Hooks
Hooks available in DarkRP
G Blue.png Custom job fields
The customization fields of custom jobs
G Blue.png Custom shipment fields
The customization fields of custom shipments
G Blue.png Old Functions
Old functions in DarkRP 2.4.3 and below
G Blue.png Old Hooks
Old hooks in DarkRP 2.4.3 and below
Nav Tut.png



Information.png Migrating To 2.5.0
Migrating from DarkRP 2.4.3 to 2.5.0.
Information.png Console Commands
All of DarkRP's console commands.
Information.png FAQ
Excessively Asked Questions.

Modding - Beginners

Config.png Modifying DarkRP
How to modify DarkRP without editing core files.
Config.png Creating DarkRP modules
How to make modules for DarkRP
Nav Tutorial-Spec.png Donator jobs
How to make donator only jobs for your server
Nav Tutorial-Spec.png Donator entities
How to make donator only entities for your server
Nav Tutorial-Spec.png How to make shipments
This is the third part in my series of DarkRP tutorials.
Nav Tutorial-Spec.png How to make jobs
I had permission by ShaneT to post the donator only code.
Nav Tutorial-Spec.png Custom Agendas
Tutorial on creating custom agendas.
Nav Tutorial-Spec.png Custom Door Teams
Tutorial on creating custom door teams.
Nav Tutorial-Spec.png Buyable Vehicles
Tutorial on allowing people to buy vehicles.
Nav Tutorial-Spec.png Custom Ammo
Tutorial on adding your own ammo types.
Nav Tutorial-Spec.png Setting CPs
Tutorial on how to allow certain teams to wanted/warrant
Nav Tutorial-Spec.png Custom factions
Read tutorial on creating custom factions with attributes

Modding - Advanced & Professional

Nav Tutorial-Spec.png Group Chats
Tutorial on editing/creating group chats.
Nav Tutorial-Spec.png Custom Money Printer
How to make your own money printer.
Nav Tutorial-Spec.png DarkRP Chat Command
Adding a chat command that creates cash.
Nav Tutorial-Spec.png Pay Day Baton
How to make a baton that forces a pay day to his/her victim.
Nav Tutorial-Spec.png Demote Upon Death
Demote a player from a team after dying.
Nav Tutorial-Spec.png Remove FAdmin
Removing/disabling FAdmin
Nav Tutorial-Spec.png Modifying F4
Modifying the F4 menu